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    Private Client Wine Advisory Service, Fine Wine Broking Service, Fine Wine Trading Service

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    15 years experience sourcing fine wines from Bordeaux and around the world.

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    Specialist in sourcing fine wines from Bordeaux and around the world with 15 years experience. Bordeaux Wines, Bordeaux En Primeur, Fine Wine Investment, Fine Wine Broking

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      An introduction to Grand Vin Wine Merchants.

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      Meet the GVWM UK Team

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    One of our expert Private Client Wine Advisors will respond to you within 24 hours.

  6. GVWM Hong Kong
    1. Introduction to GVWM Hong Kong

      An introduction to GVWM Hong Kong, we know Bordeaux

    2. Meet the Team - Hong Kong
    3. Storage and Shipping - Hong Kong
    4. Friday five @ five

      A tasting held every 8 weeks allowing clients the opportunity to sample a range of different wines that they may not normally have the opportunity to taste before purchase.

  7. En Primeur 2016

    En Primeur wines from the Bordeaux 2016 vintage.

    1. About En Primeur
    2. GVWM - Specialists in Bordeaux En Primeur
    3. En Primeur buying guide
    4. 2015 Bordeaux
    5. 2014 Bordeaux
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